You can't start a fire without a spark...

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”
― May Sarton

Call me Tetel :)
90's kid.

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When someone says "I can't breathe.."

Ordinary people: Omg. Inhale...exhale..drink some water!!
Wattpad Readers: I love you too.

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another word for I’m hurt

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Don't take someone's love for granted.

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Let’s run away together. Let’s go away and be in love. Let’s soar the sky and find some place new. Let’s run in the beach while the sun sets or when the sun rises. Let’s watch the birds in the sky fly like jets doing formations. Let’s put ourselves into the world of imagination, together. Let’s look at the clouds and say out loud, “Look! A Giraffe!” like kids in the park. Let’s go to the countryside and be like cowboys in movies. Let’s make gardens and gardens and gardens of our favorite plants and flowers. Let’s fill our backyard with gnomes which are creepy. Let’s walk our dogs and chase them when the getaway. Let’s cuddle in our room and make out when we feel like to. Let’s cook each other’s morning breakfast in bed. Let’s scare each other off at night. Let’s play hide and seek. Let’s play ball with the children on the streets. Let’s play jump rope, hopscotch and alike. Let’s play video games like gamers who stay up at night, killing monsters. Let’s prank our friends, not only on April 1. Let’s do crazy stuff like play dead and call an ambulance. Let’s stroll around the city, stare at the city lights, count the red and blue cars passing by, give alms to the less fortunate, play my guitar and sing together and wait ‘till the stars come out. Let’s be together. Let’s fall in love forever. Let us make this last, within our little infinity and beyond.

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Life asked Death;
Why do people love me, but hate you?

Death responded, because you are a beautiful lie and I’m a paiful truth.


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Kahit sabihin na mali ako, alipin mo o bihag mo, ako’y iyong-iyo

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